Dematic Parts Website ( is no longer available as of Feb 13, 2024

Dematic's New Spare Parts Shop is Now Fully Operational!

Our Dematic Spare Parts Shop is currently live, providing you with a simple, modern eCommerce experience when replenishing spare parts. With this new online platform, you have access to our more than 100,000 part numbers at your fingertips whenever you need, ensuring your operations are always on.

Register for the new site at (if you haven't already done so). Here's how:

  1. Click the Login button and then click on "Register now". You will only need to verify and register your company email once.
  2. Once registration is complete, use the "Account" drop-down menu on the homepage and select "Login" to begin seamless ordering. We ask that you place all further spare parts orders through the new portal, not the previous site. Remove all previous site bookmarks.
  3. Important: All users must register for the new site. Our previous spare parts online portal is now unavailable, so we ask that you please complete registration on the new site. If you do not have an account yet or are new to Dematic online ordering, please Request Access here.

All current spare parts orders will be transferred to the new platform and are tied to your account automatically. Your order history will be visible on the new platform as well.

If you have questions regarding the new Dematic Spare Parts Shop or the registration process, please contact us at We appreciate your partnership as we introduce this site and improve your overall experience with Dematic's spare parts replenishment.


Thank you,

Your Dematic Spare Parts Team

Customer Service and Ordering, Dial 1-800-530-9153